Main Features

1- C-File

A Compound File (maps + data) with unique ID for a property, enables a city & the relevant agencies to carry out their tasks, issue permits and licences on a single file without any conflict, risk and interference.

2- GIS

The Cloud-based GIS helps the municipal sector and public agencies to collect, store, classify, update, retrieve, display and share the maps of zonings, land use, regions’ borders, land parcels, etc. of a province, county or city.

3- Billing System

Billing System calculates tariffs like fees, duties, taxes, fines, etc. All formulas could be defined and managed in BS. The information of paid and not paid amounts is available via BI reports and charts.

4- Inter-Agency Inquiries

Inter-Agency Inquiries are the matter of challenge and hassle in the process of issuing BPs & BLs, especially if they are paper based, typed or written, sent physically or even via email.

Simac IIs, eliminates these shortages, composes correspondence faultlessly, only by a few clicks, makes it available for addressee(s) once it is digitally signed; and helps to find bottlenecks and dysfunctional agencies.

5- Citizens Panel

C-panel enables citizens to follow their applications and deliver the complementary documents online. It mitigates in-person visits to the minimum level, nearly zero.

6- Archiving System

The information generated and gathered in the process of BPs, BLs, and CCS is classified and concentrated in the C-File orderly, and could be retrieved and used in accordance with users’ permissions and access levels.


7- Outsourcing Network

Effective arrangements for outsourcing the processes of BPs, BLs and CCS, partially or thoroughly to SPOs (Service Provider Offices) and PSPs (Private Sector Professionals), under observation of the cities and watchdogs.

8- Digital Signature

Simac is a PKIE platform which is an underlying technology to reinforce the cyber-security which is a major preoccupation of user organizations.

9- CUO

Classification of User Organizations (CUO) is a feature that enables citiesand related agencies to shape their hierarchical ( local, regional, and provincial) structures, in Simac.

10- BI Dashboard

Simac can generate a variety of statistical and managerial reports, graphs & charts, through a BI dashboard. These outputs provide valuable insights for city planners, policymakers, research centers, academia, etc.